Friday, February 17, 2012

Horse Stalls

Horses at Kirkham
Horses at Kirkham (Photo credit: modezero)
If you are a proud horse owner, you understand how important it is to have a horse stall that is built properly and is safe and comfortable for your horse. So when it comes to putting a horse stall, it is always nice to have the peace of mind knowing you are doing the job the right way. This saves you time, avoids costly mistakes along the way, and makes your life, and your horse's, easier. Here's a few simple tips when selecting and putting together a horse stall.

Pick the right location:
Sounds pretty self explanatory, but it something that can go wrong right from the start. Selecting a flat and level area for your horse stalls will help ensure the structural integrity of the stalls and help reduce the wear and tear over the years. Also for the sake of your horses, pick a spot that is protected from the elements: sun, rain and wind.

Have a plan:
It's very easy to mess up something as seemingly simple as a horse stall. Too many people want to save time and just "wing it". Even if you've put together horse stalls before, it's always nice to look at some horse stall plans online to get ideas or see what you can improve on. Also if you have supplies that come with directions, always follow them! There are quite a few forums that are updated by people that have gone through similar experiences and can help you with whatever plans you have.

Horses will do damage to your horse stalls over time, and regardless how nice they are, you will need to perform some maintenance work on them to protect your investment. One damaged part can bring an entire side down, and you certainly don't want horses on the loose! If you plan on painting the horse stalls, make sure you are using paint safe for horses. Horses are sensitive like humans to paint fumes, so make sure the stalls have enough time to air out after painting them.

There are plenty of horse stall manufacturers that can help you out along the way to help provide the proper supplies. It also doesn't hurt to receive some expert advice along the way as well!
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