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Top Accessories to Include in a Workshop

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When just getting started with wood shopping, most people have every power drill and tool on the market without thinking about the basics that should come equipped with every wood shop.  Listed here are some of the more overlooked and basic tools every woodworker should have before starting and work.

1. Bench with a Vise:
This is probably the most used shop accessory by any wood worker, as it is essentially the desk of the workshop office.  Every bench should come complete with a sturdy vise, that allows stabilization from multiple angles.

2. Tool Storage
After collecting a variety of hand and power tools, you will need to find a way to store them in an organized fashion when they are not in use.  Keep in mind there is no uniform way to store your tools, and not every workshop is designed the same way.  Keeping your tools out of harms way will also ensure that they have a longer lifespan.

3. Vacuums and other Cleanup Equipment
Before your shop gets way out of hand with the big project you are working on, invest in some quality shop vacuums.  There is quite a range of available options, from the simple broom and dustpan to industrial dust collection systems that run throughout the shop.  Find whatever fits best with your needs and budget.
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