Thursday, February 16, 2012

Picking the right painter

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For whatever painting project you have on the horizon, it is imperative to pick a painting contractor that will do a great job, and at a fair price. If you don't know much about painting, and don't know how much you can expect to spend, you may want to pay close attention to these tips when it comes to selecting a painter.

If you know of someone who had a great experience with a painter, then chances are, they are a good person to hire! I know of a Portland House Painter that I would certainly recommend to anyone, however not enough people actively seek recommendations from those they know before hiring, and go with the easiest, and often first, painter they can find. However, not everyone knows someone who can recommend a painter. Enter the wonderful internet - full of recommendations from customers of local painters. A majority of companies have Google Maps listings, which often have reviews listed on the business. To be fair, these reviews are often a bit extreme, and may not necessarily reflect the skills of the painter. If a painter has a noticeable number of good or bad reviews, it can help make some early decisions when choosing a painter.

Not all houses are the same and neither are pricing options, which makes determining pricing on your own a bit complicated. Different painters charge in different ways, and may use different painting products, which will influence price. To ensure you are paying a fair price, it is important to get a few quotes before hiring someone. Painters should be able to develop a few options, which hopefully will fit into your personal budget.

Asking if a painter has done a good job or not is often a personal opinion. Home owners are most dissatisfied with how a paint job turned out when it didn't turn out how they expected. This goes to show how important the planning phase and the overall relationship with your painter should be. The amount of time you spend planning with your painter can be a good indicator of how well the end result will be.

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